How will New Year’s Eve be affected Due to the COVID-19 Tier 2 restrictions?

COVID-19 has surpassed the world this year, and it has been plugged in most special occasions that require a large number of gatherings. New Year’s Eve 2020 may be the most dangerous one because traditionally, it includes many drunk revelers and may stimulate new outbreaks. The COVID 19 pandemic shocked everyone and created a stressful environment. Besides, gatherings for the upcoming holidays have become increasingly challenging to connect with friends and family. During this holiday season, revise your plan to reduce the spread of COVID 19 on New Year’s Eve. As part of the New Year’s safety, the CDC has been considering the following factors to slow the virus’s spread. All these rules are also an essential part of limiting the number of guests during the pandemic season.

Tier 2 Restrictions as stated by the Government

The government believes that the “second-level” is a “high alert” level, which is suitable for areas with “high infection levels or rapidly rising infection levels, where some other restrictions need to be set.

  • In any indoor environment, whether at home or in a public place, you must not socialize with anyone who does not live with them or is not in the support bubble.
  • You must abide by the 6-person rule and not socialize with more than six people (including gardens or public places).
  • Except for business premises and legally closed venues (such as nightclubs), business premises can continue to operate safely for COVID-19.
  • Bars and bars must be closed unless they are operated as restaurants. The hospitality place can only provide drinks during large meals.
  • If you are hosting a party at home, please follow the CDC’s party rules. If you want to fly home for vacation, you can make a plan with Jet blue Booking to enjoy amazing deals and discounts.
  • The hotel industry that sells food or beverages for consumption at its own premises must only provide table service (if alcohol is provided) and be closed between 11 pm and 5 am (except for airports, ports, transportation services, and highway services). They are not allowed to accept any orders after 10 pm.
  • Catering companies and places that sell food and beverages for consumption can continue to operate after 10 pm, as long as they are delivered, clicked to collect or drive through.
  • Early closing applies to adventure parks,  cinemas, casinos, theaters, bowling alleys, museums,  amusement halls, theme parks, playgrounds, and event venues, and bingo halls. Cinemas, theaters, and concert halls can be opened after 11 pm so that performances can begin before 10 pm.
  • The public is allowed to participate in outdoor and indoor activities (performances and performances), but not more than 50% of the outdoor 2,000 people or indoor 1,000 people, whichever is lower.
  • Spectators participating in sports events and business activities can be restored internally and externally. Still, they must abide by social contact rules and have the same rules as the aforementioned abilities.
  • The worship service is still open, but you cannot socialize with people outside your home or support indoor bubbles.
  • The number of people-15 people may limit weddings and funerals unless a legal exemption can participate in weddings and receptions, 30 people can participate in funerals, and 15 people can participate in related commemorative activities, such as wake up or stone masonry ceremony.
  • Organized outdoor sports, as well as physical exercise and fitness classes, can continue.

These restrictions will impose various restrictions on social interactions, and people must comply with these restrictions according to their region. Sadly, no matter which area, people have to give up the New Year’s Eve party this year. The first layer, the least restrictive of the three layers, already has collection restrictions. Since traveling may increase the chance of COVID 19, but if you still have to go somewhere for New Year’s eve, please make Copa Airlines Booking. Check the costs and guidelines of the airline and about the destination where you plan to celebrate. If the price is high, you should stay at home and enjoy it alone.