Korean Air Seat Selection

Korean Air Seat Selection Policy & Process

Your seat on the plane during an air journey can make a big difference in the overall traveling experience. Keeping this in mind, Seoul-based airlines have a dedicated Korean Air seat selection facility to make air travel fun for its passengers.

By paying a nominal amount, travelers of the airways can select seats on Korean Airlines. Depending upon the travel class, you can secure a chair before or after purchasing the ticket with the air carrier.

Read below for the prices and tricks to get the best seats on a Korean plane.

How to Choose a Seat on Korean Air Lines? 

As per Korean air seat selection policy, you can select seats on Korean Air during or after making a reservation as per your travel class (economy/ business).

You can secure your seats on the plane by using the official website of Korean Air or calling their reservations phone number 1 (800) 438-5000. Follow these steps to learn how to book your preferred seat online at Korean Airways:

Korean Seat Selection

  • Firstly, check out Korean Air’s official domain and open its homepage.
  • Afterward, go to the BOOK option on the top menu bar.
  • Next, choose the Plan Your Travel option from multiple drop-down menus.
  • Further, head to the advance seat selection option and verify the eligibility of your ticket.
  • Next, add details such as first & last name, boarding date, and your ticket number.
  • After that, confirm details of your bookings and proceed towards the paid option to select a seat on Korean Airlines.

Economy class flyers can choose seats before or after the reservation. However, prestige/ first class Korean air passengers can select seat assignments only after their reservation is confirmed.

How Many Types Of Korean Air Seats Are Available On The Plane?

You can choose Economy, Prestige, and First class seats when booking tickets on Korean air. Or, upgrade your seat on Korean Air by paying a nominal fee.

As usual, Economy seats are the cheapest option on Korean Air, and first-class seats are the costliest. Here is a table of features to look at before you purchase or upgrade your seat on a Korean airplane:

Economy ClassPrestige ClassFirst Class
Most affordable chairCheaper than first-classCostliest option on Korean Air
Standard seat sizeSeat pitch 188 cm and 51 cm wideGreatest seat pitch of 211 cm
Free power supply and multiple food options available at a cost.Premium services with complimentary drinksAmenity kit with all necessary grooming items.
Standard chairs with preferred exit seats have more legroom.Seats recline partiallyFull 180-degree recline bed

On all international and domestic flights operated by Korean Air, you can choose from a preferred economy seat after purchasing the ticket and when your reservation is confirmed. 

How Do I Check Eligibility For Seat Selection On Korean Air? 

First, prestige-class ticket holders can use the Korean Air Seat selection policy after confirming their flight reservation. However, economy class ticket owners can purchase the seat right after the ticket.

To confirm that you get the seat that you selected on Korean Air, you have to check in for your flight at the time specified below:

Economy ClassPrestige ClassFirst Class
International1 Hour and 30 MinutesBy 1 Hour1 Hour
Domestic (Korea) 30 Minutes30 Minutes

Passengers can choose their preferred seat with or without pay from 361 days to 48 hours before the Korean flight’s departure. First and prestige class flyers can select seats up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure. 

When is Korean Air Seats Selection not Possible?

In certain cases, passengers cannot choose a seat in advance on a Korean airplane. Check out if you also face these restrictions:

  • Firstly, passengers don’t see the “upgrade my seat on Korean Air” option because they have picked a codeshare flight on another airline.
  • Also, an advance seat assignment isn’t available on charter flights.
  • Besides, Korean Air seat assignment isn’t available on N/T international flights.
  • Lastly, passengers that hold group tickets and are flying in N/T class can’t choose seats in advance for domestic flights.

You can still choose seats in advance on some international flights in exchange for a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose seats Korean Air?

Select seats on Korean Air by paying in advance and choose from extra legroom and other preferred options. For SkyTeam elite plus members of the airlines, advance seat selection on all types of chairs is free.

What are Korean Airlines Preferred seats?

According to Korean airlines, the seats on the front row of the Economy cabin are the preferred seats. These chairs are popular because passengers can board the plane early and leave the aircraft early as well.

Does Korean Air have Economy Plus seating?

Korean Air doesn’t offer any premium economy cabin option for flyers. However, commuters can pay in advance to upgrade Korean Airlines seats for preferred chairs. Besides, some fare categories get a free option to choose seat assignments.

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