How Corona is Effecting the Aviation Industry

The outbreak of coronavirus is throwing serious challenges in front of airports, airlines, and their ecosystems. The pandemic is wreaking havoc across the globe including the aviation industry. Airport operators are working to modify their operations to cope with the fall in demand. All the industries are facing immense crises in their businesses but corona has hit the aviation industry very hard. The tourism industry is the first one to get affected due to the lockdown and borders closure. COVID 19 is not only affecting airlines, but it has also impacted hotels, cruises, and online travel agencies dreadfully.  The spread of this virus has created a situation that airlines have never faced. Every airline has made changes to policies to cope well with the pandemic. If you had made Eva Airlines reservations before the lockdown, then check out the changes in the cancellation policy and how much refund you can claim.

How the travel industry will look like after corona?

The effect of this pandemic on the tourism industry can be discovered in every region of the world. There are lots of questions that are going in everyone’s mind such as will ever the situation be normal, is it safe to go on a flight and many more. Safety is the major concern that is on everyone’s mind right now. People will be afraid to take a flight, and thus it will be hard for the travel industry to get back to the track. As you can see now the world is opening in shifts, so is the travel industry. It may have positive effects on airlines as travel habits will change the tourism industry for positive. One thing that every airline has to make sure that they will have to take every precaution to safeguard every single passenger from this epidemic disease. 

Change in policies of airlines

Due to this novel coronavirus, most of the airlines have made changes in their cancellation policies. The airlines are trying their best to give customers what they want. 

  • American Airlines allowed passengers to make a one-time change without any additional fee irrespective of the class they are flying. The airline has expanded its waiver fee policy till September 30, 2020. 
  • With Delta Airlines you can make changes up to September 30, 2020, without any fee. You are also permitted to rebook your travel to the same destination at the same fare. 
  • The same goes for United Airlines; you are not required to pay any fee for changing your flight.
  • Southwest Airlines has never charged a changing fee for changing your flight, but now you don’t even have to pay the fare difference.
  • JetBlue will refund back money on cancelled flight tickets in the form of travel credits. 
  • Alaska Airlines has modified its initial policy that is “peace of mind.” Under this policy, you can change or cancel your flight ticket without any fee. 
  • WestJet Airlines has ensured passengers to take all the safety measures to prevent this disease. Health standards and the safety of passengers are their biggest concerns. They have made a change in the cancellation policy that if you want to cancel or change our WestJet Reservations, then you don’t have to pay any fee for this. The airline has added new policies for service on-board, face masks, and boarding. WestJet understands the value of your money, so you don’t have to worry about cancelled flight due to COVID 19 as the rewards of the airline are waiting for you.

If you had a booking with any of the airlines, then check out its policy and ask for a refund.