Hacks that Airlines Use to Eschew Paying Flight Compensation

Yes, you heard it right. It may sound weird, but that is the truth. Airlines use certain tricks, so that they don’t have to pay anything as the flight compensation to the passengers. Don’t fall for these tricks and always ask for the compensation. Suppose, if you have made Southwest Airlines reservations, and it gets cancelled, then you must ask for the refund.

Here in this blog, we will discuss certain hacks that airlines may use to trick the passengers. Keep reading the information carefully and know how to avoid getting in this trap.

What do airlines do?

When we look at the collective data, we found that out of 100 people, only 10-15 get the compensation, when the flight gets disrupted. It is quite surprising. This happens because most of the travelers are unaware of the passengers’ rights. Every passenger must know his/her right while making a reservation. Another reason could be some passengers’ don’t even know how they can claim for the flight compensation. For example, you have completed the Southwest Airlines check-in process, and after this, your flight gets canceled, then you must know how you can ask for the refund. 

It is normal thinking of every passenger that if they file a legal claim, then they will have to spend most of the money on documentation and other legal things.

There are some of the situations where airlines play smartly to get in trap:

  • Inclement weather conditions

As everyone knows, weather is quite unpredictable and it can change anytime; but that does not mean airlines can take advantage of weather conditions. Most of the airlines do this; they always blame weather conditions for the flight cancellations and flight delays. I mean, there are situations when it is snowing or raining, but flight can be operated. It does not mean that the airline can’t operate its flight. It is the common excuse that airlines throw against the accountability of the compensation of flight. Don’t hesitate to ask for the refund if your flight is cancelled after making Southwest Airlines reservations due to weather conditions or anything. 

  • Technical Issues

You may have heard this excuse several times. Most of the airlines deny giving flight compensation to the passengers when some technical issue occurred and flight gets delayed. According to them, it is out of their control. Technical issues are the responsibility of airlines and no passenger should suffer due to the technical issues. 

  • Unavoidable circumstances

Unavoidable situation is the best pretext that has been used in every industry, including the aviation industry. This is the one of the most common excuses that airlines use to avoid paying the refund to the passenger, who suffered. On your cancelled Southwest Airlines reservations (if you are travelling with Southwest Airlines), claim for your flight compensation without thinking anything. 

When passengers ask for the refund on cancelled, or delayed flight, airlines will give “Extraordinary circumstances” as a reason. There are so many cases when passengers heard this excuse and left their refund on the cancelled or delayed flight. 

  • Goodwill game

In most of the cases, the airline tries to convince you that you are not eligible for refund, after you claim your refund. They may offer you less money than what you are actually entitled to. They may even try to lure you with some kind of vouchers. If you are flying with Southwest Airlines, and you even completed the Southwest Airlines check-in process, and at the end moment your flight gets cancelled, then don’t forget to claim for your refund. 

These are the few situations where you can get in the airline’s trap and think of leaving your flight compensation. Go through all these points and again I will say, don’t leave your flight compensation.