Best Travel Insurance Plans During Pandemic in April 2021

Looking for the best Travel Insurance Plan before you set your goals of travel in the year 2021? Let’s find out!

After the pandemic outburst of 2020, the sudden rise of cases hampered everyone’s ideal travel plans, and air travel came to a halt. People had a sigh of relief in 2021, but the pandemic is again on the rise. A new concern arose for those who took 2021 as a year to come out to the world again with traveling. If you also are looking at how can you guard your trip against this pandemic issue? The best way is to purchase travel insurance. In order to provide you with a list of the best travel insurance plans, we have brought together various data according to a few websites. Forbes Advisor evaluated over 50 insurance plans based on the data of a travel insurance company. 

We carried out these plans popularity score based on the following factors:

  • Trip cancellation Coverage and COVID medical expenses
  • Benefits level
  • Whether they offer coverage for “cancel for any reason,” that means getting reimbursement on canceling for any reason.

Top Travel Insurance Companies and Plans

  • Cat 70

According to Forbes, it is a 5-star rated company offering travel insurance plans with upto 500k USD of Covid Medical coverage per person and a 100% cancellation service with cancel for any reason option upon 75% of Trip expenses.

  • Tin Leg

Forbes rated TIn Leg as a 5-star Company offering Gold Plans with $500,00 per person medical coverage on COVIDand a 100% return on cancelation. It also provides the exact 75% trip cost on cancel for any reason.

  • USI Affinity Travel Insurance

USI Affinity provided Diamond Plan with per person COVID medical expenses of 500k US dollars and 100% trip cost return on COVID cancellation. The medical coverage in this plan is primary, so it is not necessary to use your own health plan first and provides medical coverage, which is the highest among all. You can make your travel plans with Southwest Airlines Reservations and take up this insurance plan for flying benefits.

  • HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide offers the top-notch benefits related to COVID across the others.  It is high-rated by Forbes, and the cancel for any reason plan coverage is also better. But you have to add it within ten days of your trip deposit.

  • AXA assistance USA

AXA Assistance in the USA is rated 4.5 stars by Forbes, and it provides a Platinum plan with 250k USD COVID Medical coverage and a 1005 trip cost on COVID cancellation. It also offers a 75%  trip cost for Cancel with any reason coverage. Though it may not be the highest coverage available, it is still better than many other plans.

  • John Hancock Insurance

John Hancock Travel Insurance services offer excellent coverage levels for COVID-related issues. These plans coverage is primary, and you won’t have to use your own health plan before using that. The COVID Medical coverage is 250,000 USD with a 100% trip cost return on COVID cancelation.

  • April

April is a 4-star travel insurance company offering the April Pandemic Plus plan with a 50,000 USD per person COVID medical coverage giving a solid choice for travelers concerned about COVID-related problems. For emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, there is also a 500,00 USD coverage.

  • TrafelSafe

Though Travel safe is a 4-star rated company, it still offers coverage better than many companies with a generous 100,00 USD per person offer and both COVID cancellation and cancellation for any reason options.

  • Trawick International

Trawick International offers Safe Travel Voyager Plan with a 250k US dollar COVID coverage and a generous COVID or any other reason CAncelation Coverage cost. You get 21 days after your trip deposit for adding optional cancel coverage for any reason.

Generally, US-based travel insurance plans will not cover insurance outside of the USA. Thus, it is even more important to book travel insurance with medical coverage and benefits. In this way, you can get coverage for your injuries and another sickness while you are on a trip. Contact Southwest Airlines Reservations for your travel plans and other insurance services you can take with their flight bookings. Feel free to speak to airline representatives and obtain the necessary help.

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