Boxed Water to Reduce Onboard Plastic waste by Alaska Airlines

Do you wish to know what prime measures Alaska Airlines is Taking to keep the emission of waste in check? Whenever it comes to sustainability and recycling of waste, Alaska Airlines means business. The airline has a set of goals to reduce the aircraft carbon emission to 0% by their target year 2040. They even have efficiency, water, and 100% waste management goals for 2025. They are always searching for ways in which they can go beyond their efforts to provide the cleanest environment for their customers. Passengers who make Alaska Airlines Reservations must feel enticed to make their travel plans with them. The airline is doing so much for many years to increase the passenger’s comfort and safety.

Safety and cleanliness oath with Boxed Waters

The airline has reduced waste on ships by adopting more sustainable practices and service items (such as abandoning straw in lounges and airplanes, using cans instead of plastic bottles, and minimizing packaging as much as possible)For more than two years.

Founding Green Team

In the year 2007, several environmental employees of Alaska and horizon constructed the green team. Green team is a Business resource Group that is dedicated to improving the environment and ambiance. They increased the in-flight recycling and enhanced the Trash Sorting programs. They also took several initiatives for the environment. This group is one of their kind in the aviation industry, and with their efforts, the waste amount per guest has also decreased, which previously ended up in landfills.

The green team Selection process of Boxed Waters

Today, they are working with Boxed Water to start replacing the disposable plastic bottles in the first-class cabin and the main cabin of the Q400 aircraft with 92% of Boxed Water’s plant cartons. 7.2 million plastic bottles will be effectively removed from the landfill each year, equivalent to approximately 98,000 pounds of plastic waste. This year, Alaska Airlines reservations introduced Boxed Water on flights operated by Horizon Air in Alaska and will extend the program to all Alaska flights this summer.

The Guide to Sustainability

Boxed water illustrates this point: a fully recyclable box-shaped water tank, sealed with a plant-based lid. Every carton is made from trees that are sustainably harvested, and the multiple-filtered water undergoes a proprietary eight-step purification process to give it a clean, crisp taste.

According to Mr. Robbie Neff, a member of the Alaska Green team and head of the pricing team. When researching alternatives to plastic water bottles, the green team considered various factors affecting the overall environment, such as water sources, packaging materials, recyclability, and transportation distance. Boxed water scores better than other options in glass bottles and aluminum cans.

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